Sunday, September 21, 2008

I just signed up on an online dating site this week.

This was a big leap for me, because there is no reason why I'd have to resort to such tactics to find someone who'll want to be with me.

But that's OK. It's a done deal. Sign, sealed, and delivered.

I have a few bones to pick with some of the men on this particular site:

#1: You are asked a series of questions and are expected to answer them to the best of your ability. This is the 1st taste of who you are AND will help me decide if I'd like to start communication with you. One word answers will not cut it. Typos will not cut it. Internet shorthand type such as: "idk" or "tho" or "a/s/l" will NOT cut it. Take your time to fill this section out completely. You are given space for 650 characters. Use a large amount of this space, PLEASE.

#2: This is 2008. You have just signed up on an Internet dating site. Why do you not have a photo? There is no excuse. There are cell phones, web cams, driver's license offices, digital cameras, Kinko's FedEx centers, etc. If you MUST...go to a cell phone store, snap a pic on one of the display phones and send it to your email address. That may be stretching it...but it's better than nothing.
I took this in my bathroom mirror. You can do this, too!

And then when you decide to post said picture, it's OK that you're posing with your friends. It's OK that you are chilling at home, with a beer in one hand and a joint in the other. Yeah, that's OK. What is NOT OK is cutting out your ex-girlfriend, best friend that is cuter than you, your child, or other person sitting/standing next to you. Photoshop has a completely free Web site where you can sign up and edit your photos for free. Google it. Go there and airbrush that person out. Better yet, read the 1st paragraph and get a good picture taken of yourself. You're looking for love, a date, a fling for Saturday night...please present yourself in a manner that is pleasing to women.

#3 Speaking of presenting yourself to women: I'm an intelligent, young woman. It's OK that you may not have as much education or experience as myself. I, for one, won't be jumping out of windows in order to date you. If your profile and picture look trashy, ugly, blurry, or just plain awkward...those are the type of women who are going to be attracted to you. Well, I believe that to be true...

I need to let go and let God. You always find things when you're not looking for them. I'm a good Catholic girl and I pray my Litany of Saints, Acts of Contritions, and Hail Marys like I am supposed to. I even call upon Saint Anthony to help me find things when they're lost. I do believe I need to call upon him now. I need help finding the man of my dreams.

Do you think he'd come to my aid??


Anonymous said...

Hah ! you're a Taurean all right !

More specifically - overbearing. My perspective though, is as a Leo Male ( with Libra Moon and Ascendant).

Good Luck with your online dating !!


Nik Snacks said...

Me? Overbearing? No. I just know what I want and how to get there.

Thank you for the well-wishes...I think...