Thursday, August 29, 2013

My horoscope

I read my horoscope every day of my life.

I'm a Taurus.

I believe that the constellations & the stars themselves are God's way of revealing to us what he wants us to know. So, yeah, I believe in astrology.

I want to believe in reincarnation, but that's a different story for a different day.

Sunday's horoscope (11/9):

You are slow by nature when it comes to making a big decision, and that can't change just because someone in your life wants it to! There is no point in rushing through things just to keep someone quiet -- if you're not clear on what you want to do, or you're not confident about what is going on, you have to put the brakes on. Convince the impatient person in your life that you know what you're doing. They might need a little reassurance from you, so get ready to do some hand holding.

Let me tell you what happened: My asshole of a soon-to-be ex husband wants to open a checking account with me. He wants to show immigration that we have some kind of joint things together so that they won't deny his application. We are about to get a divorce. He is stupid to the 85th power, to even ask me that.

I was always told, "The worst thing they can say is 'No'." And I told his ass, "No." Do you think he took it in stride and let it go??

No, he didn't. He's been bugging me about it every day. He calls to "see how I am doing" and I know he just wants to ask me about that gd checking account.

I say no. I say no

#1: we're getting a divorce

#2: everything he touches, he fucks up

#3: because I said so...well, because I said no.

#4: I guess they don't teach "No means no" in Africa, because dude is KILLING IT right now.

#5: I can't think of anything else, but it doesn't matter because I've said no in four different languages to him.

Yesterday afternoon, I hear a thumping coming up the outside stairs. I think it's my roommate coming home from her weekend trip, so I open the door to help her with her bags.

It's him. He broke his leg (long story, he's too unimportant to rehash it here) & he was standing on the landing with his crutches.

Yesterday's horoscope(11/10):

You shop around for bargains when it comes to buying a car or buying a new outfit, so you know that a little bit of legwork and patience can really work in your favor. So why not apply that attitude to your love life? Even if you are desperate for a date, don't just accept the first invitation that comes your way. Being alone is a lot better than spending time with someone who doesn't interest you in the least. Do your research -- figure out what you really value in a partner.

Yearly "Love" horoscope:

This year, you may find yourself attracted to someone you work with. Your passionate nature attracts someone who shares your values and has a deep focus on their career. Consider spending free time together, sharing in activities that keep you actively engaged with each other. Almost everything you do together will allow you to feel a balanced flow of energy.
As the year progresses, you really like the idea of sharing your life with this person. Hopefully, this person in will feel the same way! As you deepen your own self-awareness, and recognize your own self-worth, you will attract the love you need and deserve. When you find your perfect soul mate, you an innate sense of closeness develops. You both revel in both the natural world, and in lively social situations. This year will bring positive changes in how you communicate with others, as well. Your passion and charm rise to the surface, and you yearn for a deeper commitment with the one you love. This could be the one to make you dream to walk down the aisle.

Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Historical Time

It's been over a month since I lasted posted...

My keyboard isn't working well & I have to use Windows' On-Screen keyboard to type the "n" & it's been inconvenient & uninspiring to blog with fervor.

But today, I'm inspired. Today, I'm going to walk to my local polling place & vote. I want to remember this time that I sat in front of my laptop & blogged about my feelings about this election.

I am an Obama supporter. I am excited, fearful, & revved up about him becoming our next president. We DO need change & Obama's camp is the group that's going to do it. John McCain & Sarah Palin scare people. They scare people because they're Republican & the Republicans & George W. Bush have done nothing but push us further into a hole that is shameful & oppressive. I wake up every morning depressed & woeful. I don't know who I am or where I'm going. I am the master of my destiny. No one is going to help me but myself, I know, but the climate outside is cold & desolate.

I'm afraid to travel overseas: "What? You're American?" Slash. I've had friends tell me they pretended to be English because lots of Europeans don't know the difference. I don't blame them. It's one thing to die for your country, but to die for a country where you're treated like shit? Like a second class citizen? That's foul on so many levels, I can't even elaborate on it here.

I didn't know I was an American until September 11, 2001. All of a sudden, we were to stand as one and fight "them" the terrorists. All of a sudden I stopped being a minority, a black woman, a college student, a daughter, a niece, a sister...& I became an American. Because I was hurt by those men who decided to attack us.

We've been attacked for the whole of our history & the 1st time tragedy strikes us deep in our hearts, souls, & minds, the television, radio, & Internet told us what to do. And not neccessarily how to get there.

I still can't get past that. Well, I have, but I'm taking the wait & see approach to how the next four years is going to bode for us. No matter who wins, the men & women in charge will have an ugly, sickly, contemptuous baby to take care of & nurse back to health.

We've been trying. But not very hard. Deep rooted evil has kept change from happening. This is not me saying the pundits & incumbents are evil. This is me saying that progressives have been called radicals for far too long. Progressive is in.

Wear that on your t-shirt.

So, I plan on walking over to Miller Park, punching the screen, the notepad, whatever it is they have over there...
And coming back to make some patriotic food...mostly likely take to work at the newspaper tonight. After that, I'll print out a map of the U.S. and color in the states like I did in middle school. It's going to be a long, exciting night. And the newspaper is going to be the perfect place to be. The newsroom is going to be all a-buzz. I'm glad I'm going to be there.

Thursday, October 9, 2008

I'm writing this as more of a documentation, rather than a declaration of thoughts and feelings. Blogging is supposed to be therapeutic, viral, real, and above all else: free.

Well, I don't feel any of those things right now. I feel like Billy Corgan: a rat in a cage. OK, maybe not a rat. Perhaps a guinea pig or a bunny rabbit. 'Cause I'm cute.

Anyway, I feel slightly overwhelmed with the financial crisis. I'm working harder than ever to make ends meet and it's not working. I feel like I'm not working hard enough. There's anywhere between 15% to 20% more I can be doing, I feel. I'm not optimum. I'm only working at 3/4 speed. I have two jobs and a side gig made of cooking classes. I have my food blog, which is like a little job (that pays not money) and I feel like I can do more. A lot more. I wish I only had one job (a 9 to 5, M-F type of deal) so I can focus on the 20%. I think of myself as a machine or a vehicle in a parade that no one is looking at. Everyone turns their head when this float is announced. Some people may point and say good job, but what good does that do? You is a self-esteem booster, but I've got plenty of that already. Too bad self-esteem doesn't translate into dollars in my pocket.

Don't you see the brilliance before you? Don't you want to pay me what I am worth?, I think those thoughts all of the time. I'm quite modest in my assessment of myself to others, but when I think about myself in terms of attractiveness (physically, socially, fiscally, career-wise) I don't know why anyone would pass me over for anything I reach for.

In the back of my mind, I'm telling myself "everyone is going through the same thing." I don't know how true that is. But I think it's a lie I tell myself so I can continue to be optimistic and upbeat. I'm the most optimistic person I know. I turn every negative thing into something positive or lilting. It's what I do. I don't know any better.

I feel guilty when I enjoy a laugh with friends or co-workers. I think: "I should be in solitude thinking about how I'm going to dig myself out of this hole."

When I'm at work playing on Facebook or scrolling through food blogs, I feel as if I'm wasting my time. I think: "I should be looking for a better higher paying job, instead of pretending I'm content sitting here not contributing to my company's worth."

At home, I feel slightly depressed and sad. I stay in my room most of the time, chatting online with strangers, updating my blog, or searching for news stories (to comment on) so I can pretend I'm a journalist of some sort.

I'm still looking for Mr. Right. Or Mr. Right Now. Or even Mr. MaybeKindaSortaNotReallyButOK.

I'm not a mess. But I'm headed there shortly. And there is no one out there who is going to take me under their wing and help me.

Except Oprah. And she's really selective about who she has on her show. This parade float won't be making an appearance any time soon.

Thursday, September 25, 2008

Jesus And Them

The highlight of my day. Turn up the speakers wayyyy up, it's really low.

Sunday, September 21, 2008

I just signed up on an online dating site this week.

This was a big leap for me, because there is no reason why I'd have to resort to such tactics to find someone who'll want to be with me.

But that's OK. It's a done deal. Sign, sealed, and delivered.

I have a few bones to pick with some of the men on this particular site:

#1: You are asked a series of questions and are expected to answer them to the best of your ability. This is the 1st taste of who you are AND will help me decide if I'd like to start communication with you. One word answers will not cut it. Typos will not cut it. Internet shorthand type such as: "idk" or "tho" or "a/s/l" will NOT cut it. Take your time to fill this section out completely. You are given space for 650 characters. Use a large amount of this space, PLEASE.

#2: This is 2008. You have just signed up on an Internet dating site. Why do you not have a photo? There is no excuse. There are cell phones, web cams, driver's license offices, digital cameras, Kinko's FedEx centers, etc. If you MUST...go to a cell phone store, snap a pic on one of the display phones and send it to your email address. That may be stretching it...but it's better than nothing.
I took this in my bathroom mirror. You can do this, too!

And then when you decide to post said picture, it's OK that you're posing with your friends. It's OK that you are chilling at home, with a beer in one hand and a joint in the other. Yeah, that's OK. What is NOT OK is cutting out your ex-girlfriend, best friend that is cuter than you, your child, or other person sitting/standing next to you. Photoshop has a completely free Web site where you can sign up and edit your photos for free. Google it. Go there and airbrush that person out. Better yet, read the 1st paragraph and get a good picture taken of yourself. You're looking for love, a date, a fling for Saturday night...please present yourself in a manner that is pleasing to women.

#3 Speaking of presenting yourself to women: I'm an intelligent, young woman. It's OK that you may not have as much education or experience as myself. I, for one, won't be jumping out of windows in order to date you. If your profile and picture look trashy, ugly, blurry, or just plain awkward...those are the type of women who are going to be attracted to you. Well, I believe that to be true...

I need to let go and let God. You always find things when you're not looking for them. I'm a good Catholic girl and I pray my Litany of Saints, Acts of Contritions, and Hail Marys like I am supposed to. I even call upon Saint Anthony to help me find things when they're lost. I do believe I need to call upon him now. I need help finding the man of my dreams.

Do you think he'd come to my aid??

Tuesday, September 16, 2008

This has made my day today:

Nik Snacks said...
Today must be pita day or something. I've read 4 other blogs with pitas on them today. I love how you're so incredibly awesome, you wore the tiara during video games. That is SWEEET. See, that's why I'm divorcing my husband. He banned video games. "They're for kids," he said. Your mom is for kids...

September 12, 2008 4:21 PM

The Spiteful Chef said...
Poor Nik! You know what else is for kids? (aside from his mom, and I agree, she totally is)...FUN. You know what's for adults? Herpes, that's what. Here's to hoping he gets it and has to be on one of those condescending commercials where they're like "I have genital herpes, but look! I can still canoe with the best of them!" No shit you can still canoe. That doesn't change the fact that you have open sores festering in the below-the-life-jacket area. I'd rather not be able to canoe than have that.

Oh hell. LOL

How did I not know?

I used to be addicted to television. And when I say addicted, I mean ADDICTED.

I watched just as many hours of TV as I spent at work each week. And I had three jobs.

I have never watched Dancing With The Stars because I hate seeing dancers mess up on TV. I watched two episodes of the 1st season (what was that? 2005?) and it was so intense, I couldn't watch anymore. Well...I've found a reason to watch again.

Maksim Chmerkovskiy
Ummm hmmm. That's right...

I can't even look at his picture, he looks so good. Eye candy is not the word for him. More like eye CANDLE because my eyes are burning from the impure thoughts running through my optic nerve to my brain.