Tuesday, November 4, 2008

Historical Time

It's been over a month since I lasted posted...

My keyboard isn't working well & I have to use Windows' On-Screen keyboard to type the "n" & it's been inconvenient & uninspiring to blog with fervor.

But today, I'm inspired. Today, I'm going to walk to my local polling place & vote. I want to remember this time that I sat in front of my laptop & blogged about my feelings about this election.

I am an Obama supporter. I am excited, fearful, & revved up about him becoming our next president. We DO need change & Obama's camp is the group that's going to do it. John McCain & Sarah Palin scare people. They scare people because they're Republican & the Republicans & George W. Bush have done nothing but push us further into a hole that is shameful & oppressive. I wake up every morning depressed & woeful. I don't know who I am or where I'm going. I am the master of my destiny. No one is going to help me but myself, I know, but the climate outside is cold & desolate.

I'm afraid to travel overseas: "What? You're American?" Slash. I've had friends tell me they pretended to be English because lots of Europeans don't know the difference. I don't blame them. It's one thing to die for your country, but to die for a country where you're treated like shit? Like a second class citizen? That's foul on so many levels, I can't even elaborate on it here.

I didn't know I was an American until September 11, 2001. All of a sudden, we were to stand as one and fight "them" the terrorists. All of a sudden I stopped being a minority, a black woman, a college student, a daughter, a niece, a sister...& I became an American. Because I was hurt by those men who decided to attack us.

We've been attacked for the whole of our history & the 1st time tragedy strikes us deep in our hearts, souls, & minds, the television, radio, & Internet told us what to do. And not neccessarily how to get there.

I still can't get past that. Well, I have, but I'm taking the wait & see approach to how the next four years is going to bode for us. No matter who wins, the men & women in charge will have an ugly, sickly, contemptuous baby to take care of & nurse back to health.

We've been trying. But not very hard. Deep rooted evil has kept change from happening. This is not me saying the pundits & incumbents are evil. This is me saying that progressives have been called radicals for far too long. Progressive is in.

Wear that on your t-shirt.

So, I plan on walking over to Miller Park, punching the screen, the notepad, whatever it is they have over there...
And coming back to make some patriotic food...mostly likely cupcakes...to take to work at the newspaper tonight. After that, I'll print out a map of the U.S. and color in the states like I did in middle school. It's going to be a long, exciting night. And the newspaper is going to be the perfect place to be. The newsroom is going to be all a-buzz. I'm glad I'm going to be there.


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Vicci said...

Hey Nikki,

Wasn't yesterday FUN?!?!?!

I usually listen to the radio (public) all day but the radio was silent. I didn't want to know what was happening. I wanted to be surprised!

Last night, Election Day, I was full of anticipation (with a little dread mixed in... what if...)

I finally allowed the television to be turned on at 9:30pm and for the next 3 hours enjoyed myself thoroughly. DH kept refilling our rum drinks and, at the end of the evening, quite tipsy and giddy with that darn hope, I cried when Obama was declared President-elect, cried when he made his speech, cried when he told his darling little girls that they deserved their puppy...

Wasn't it fun??? And we now are waiting for the inauguration of a President whom I like! One who is intelligent, well-spoken, and inspires people. It's been a long time... :)


ps- I also know what you mean about being uninspired with fall recipes. I'm hoping to turn that around this weekend!

Nikki said...

Vic: We had an impromptu get together at my apartment and I am so glad that I did. There was wine & champagne, pizza & hamburgers. We jumped, screamed, & yelled, too. I didn't cry until the next morning when it really hit me what just happened. I'm still in shock.